The Experts in GI Scheduling and Presentation

This will ruin all other jobs for you.

– Alex J., Quality Control Specialist at PRSM Healthcare

Why Join the PRSM Family?

Becoming part of the PRSM team is like coming home. It’s where you’re welcomed with open arms and encouraged to become the best version of you. Where Care Beyond Calls isn’t just about customers and patients, it’s about appreciating you as the superhuman you are both inside and outside of our four walls.

So, come home. Be you. Save lives and grow.

PRSM’s Story

Founded on the mission of improving patient care, PRSM’s unique scheduling process empowers gastroenterologists across the U.S. to pursue, schedule, and monitor patient appointments.

Our team of passionate schedulers educate patients on the importance of showing up at their appointments and procedures. Through this critical partnership, we improve patient outcomes, and, in many cases, help save lives with early intervention. 

Our Values

Our culture is one of care. Care for you as an employee and care for you as an individual. We celebrate success and learn from mistakes together. Because the future here at PRSM hinges on every employee’s growing confidence, valuable input, and determination to care for patients.


Culture is Everything 
Other companies claim it – but we live it. Day after day our leaders and employees come together to create an evolving culture that welcomes people to bring their whole selves to work. 

Committed to the Vision 
Improving gastrointestinal patient outcomes is a vision we take seriously. By encouraging people to complete screening procedures, we’re saving the lives and changing the future one appointment at a time. 


Clear, Honest Communication 
We solve problems by putting everyone in the same room to talk it out. But it isn’t all about problem-solving. Everyone notices when you’re doing a great job, and they make sure you know just how awesome you really are. 

Make Mom Proud 
Our company leaders and employees make daily decisions based on this core value. It’s how we ensure all aspects of the company remain on a genuine path dedicated to one another, our clients, and patient outcomes. 


Discover the mission and purpose driving the success of every PRSM employee.