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Serving new patients is common for GI practices – in fact, that’s how the practice grows. However, your practice’s patient base offers the potential to expand existing relationships to improve patient care and the practice reputation.

Many practices engage PRSM to examine their existing systems to ensure all patients are being notified, not just for recalls, but for other needs such as when patients reach the appropriate age for a colonoscopy. PRSM can also use data mining to identify patients who may not have been accurately placed on the correct recall report in the first place, further enhancing patient engagement and increasing practice revenues.

Additionally, PRSM can perform a historic review to evaluate past recall noncompliance for a period of up to 10 years and reengage any patients that need to come back. PRSM can also provide complementary services such as the scheduling of patients utilizing an “open” or “direct” access process.


Strengthening Patient Relationships

As experts in the field of patient relationship solutions and management, PRSM can provide a broader range of services designed to drive patient satisfaction and engagement. PRSM can serve as your recall scheduling department with evening and weekend availability that suit your patients’ busy schedules.

All patient engagements are branded under the practice name, enhancing your patient satisfaction level. PRSM’s systems provide HIPAA-compliant tracking metrics to assure the delivery of value and documentation. The PRSM platform can also be used to support other initiatives that strengthen physician-patient relationships.


“PRSM has helped us streamline our workflow around recalls and increase our volume. Prior to PRSM we were backlogged on our recalls, but PRSM has helped us schedule additional patients and catch up.”

GI Associates and Endoscopy Center, Jackson, MS