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PRSM uses its proven process in combination with technology and skilled staff to engage and schedule patients due for a colonoscopy or other procedure. The company’s innovative methodology has been shown to increase procedure recall presentations by 30 percent – or more – during the first year alone.

PRSM’s advanced approach to procedure recalls begins with gaining an understanding of the practice’s recall process to ensure the timely recall of all eligible patients while documenting each patient’s status in the process. The five-step process includes:

Data Access

Using HIPAA-compliant technologies, PRSM accesses and analyzes the practice’s data systems to identify patients due for a procedure such as colonoscopy, upper endoscopy (EGD) or flexible sigmoidoscopy. PRSM works with the practice and documents the existing practice workflows to make sure the patient experience will meet or exceed the existing process.

Patient Engagement

PRSM’s skilled staff begins the recall of non-compliant patients using multiple channels to ensure thorough patient engagement. These channels can include letter, phone, email, text or chat. Patients appreciate the convenience offered by PRSM’s team, which is available days, nights and weekends.


Once a patient has requested an appointment, PRSM schedules them directly to increase the convenience for the patient and reduce the administrative burden for the practice staff. Any issues outside of scheduling can be routed to the appropriate practice contact for follow-up. This means valuable staff time is used only when needed and appropriate.


PRSM tracks the patient to confirm presentation for a procedure and will re-engage if there is no presentation. When the patient presents, you pay PRSM, and it’s that simple. No patient = no payment.


All recall efforts are thoroughly documented and recorded, which helps your practice ensure compliance and reduce malpractice liability. It also means the status of each patient in the recall process is known and avoids the loss of staff time wasted trying to manually reconstruct a patient’s engagement history.


“PRSM does calling at times when people have the greatest likelihood of being at home, which is often not during our practice business hours. It’s been very positive in that a lot of people we should have been contacting are now being reached.”

— Jeff Dew, CEO
Gastrointestinal Associates