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PRSM Healthcare is solely dedicated to helping gastroenterology (GI) practices with the challenging and time-consuming task of procedure recalls. At many practices across the country, only 15-20 percent of patients return for their recall procedure at the right time.

PRSM Healthcare exclusively focuses on the non-clinical area of patient engagement that happens before the patient arrives in the practice office, endoscopy center or hospital for their endoscopic procedure.

Missed recalls are not only detrimental to the health of patients, but they also affect the financial well-being of the gastroenterology practice. This is a time of unprecedented pressure on the financial side of medical practices, and the majority cannot afford to miss income opportunities.

Since most GI practices rely upon three outpatient procedures to provide 60-70 percent of their revenues (and colonoscopies comprise 60-70 percent of this procedure volume), the inability to adequately manage recall creates significant revenue and patient care challenges.

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PRSM has a proven record of success in increasing procedure recall presentation rates and patient compliance, easing the scheduling burden for practice staff and providing comprehensive documentation for the patient record.

The company has set a new standard for best practices in procedure recall, employing its unmatched depth of expertise and experience to help GI practices improve patient care and drive practice revenue. PRSM’s unique patient relationship solutions combine leading edge technology with a dedicated staff focused solely on GI.


“We thought we were doing a good job on recall procedures. But when we took an in-depth look, we discovered we were not reaching a large percentage of patients. PRSM has greatly improved our results.”

— Bergein F. Overholt, MD, MACP
Managing Partner Gastrointestinal Associates