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GI practices face significant barriers to procedure recalls, including a multi-year gap between visits, inaccurate data and competing priorities. The result? At many practices across the country, only 15-20 percent of patients return for their recall procedure at the right time.


PRSM Healthcare solves the gastroenterology (GI) practice challenge of patients who fail to return for follow-up endoscopy visits by providing complete patient recall solutions proven to:

• Improve patient care
• Increase revenue
• Ensure compliance
• Seamlessly supports the GI practice through the entire recall process

Improve Patient Care:

PRSM improves the quality of healthcare a practice delivers by increasing recall engagement with consistent, measured follow-up and timely outreach. Patients who have a multi-year gap between visits may forget when their colonoscopy is due, or not remember the practice where it was last performed. PRSM’s proactive, and conscientious recall process addresses that common problem. Patients appreciate the reminder – especially when PRSM makes it so easy to schedule an appointment.

Increase Revenue:

PRSM has a proven history of increasing procedure recall presentations by 30 percent – or more – during the first year. Plus, there are additional benefits to the practice based upon related patient visits and increased practice productivity. And with PRSM, you don’t pay until the patient presents.

Ensure Compliance:

The proper and timely recall of patients is not just a revenue issue; it is also a quality and liability issue. If your practice did not make a sufficient effort to recall a patient, doesn’t have the documentation to prove it made the effort, or doesn’t know how to improve its process, the costs could be significant.

Support the GI Practice:

The recall process can be time-consuming and costly – especially when results are poor. Until now, practices have lacked a comprehensive solution and have been forced create their own process or piece together partial solutions from outside vendors. PRSM Healthcare’s turnkey solution incorporates all elements of the recall engagement process, from the HIPAA-secure demographic data extraction from the practice through outreach, direct scheduling of the patient and ultimately confirming that the target patient showed up for a procedure. This allows your staff to spend their time on direct patient care rather than sending out letters or leaving unreturned voicemails.


“PRSM provides a service that reduced the number of phone calls, improved the accuracy and results of our patient recall process, and therefore improved our revenues. Most importantly, it improved the quality of care that we provide.”

— Bergein F. Overholt, MD, MACP
Managing Partner Gastrointestinal Associates